Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rebooting My Interest in Roleplaying

I admit it.  I have been burned out on roleplaying.  I even thought about just chucking the whole hobby, but I couldn't do it - it's in my blood.  Well, after lots of procrastinating and general teeth gnashing, I decided to pick up the banner again.

I also decided that I just couldn't do D&D (of any edition) for awhile.  I want something different.  I always liked westerns and so I seized on the idea of trying Aces & Eights.  Much to my surprise, my gaming group (composed completely of aging gamers with 1st Edition AD&D books gripped tightly in their fists) actually agreed to give it a try.

Unfortunately, I stupidly sold the core rulebook about a year ago because I thought that I would never get a chance to play.  Equally unfortunate is the fact that Kenzer does not offer it as a PDF.  However, I did download the Showdown PDF from, which is basically an abbreviated version of the combat rules.  This way I can least get familar with running combats.  Now I just have to locate a copy of the rulebook and I can get back in the saddle.


Paul Kasper said...

Try out Savage Worlds. You can get the core rulebook for $9.99. And, they just came out with a Deadlands Reloaded campaign called The Flood (if you are looking for a Western Theme.)

For "older" RPGers out there, Savage Worlds is a breath of fresh air. It's made me come back to the hobby I love.

Dar said...

Go for it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on rebooting your Roleplaying hobby! I've been in times where I'm too frustrated to think of gaming too (usually when a campaign dies on me.)

That said, Westerns are a great alternative since it breaks the whole assumption of Adventurers and Dungeons and all that other cliche bog standard fantasy stuff, and allows you to run games with other threats and ideas.

Have fun, and I hope this is the rebirth of your interest in the hobby.