Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The 12 Days of Gamer Christmas - Day One

Gamers can be hard to shop for. Over the next 12 days I will try to make gift suggestions that will hopefully please even the pickiest gamer on your list. Merry Christmas!

Day One - Dice

It goes without saying that almost ANY gamer can use dice. You can't go wrong by choosing a set from one of the original and best dice manufacturers - Gamescience. I am particularly fond of their 'gem' dice sets, but they have a fine selection of opaque and specialty dice as well. You can purchase them from your Friendly Local Game Store or online from Gamestation.net.

If you need more proof that Gamescience dice are the way to go, check out THIS link for a YouTube video of Colonel Lou Zocchi himself extolling their virtues.

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