Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Poll

I am always interested in what YOU the reader are interested in reading about. To that end, I am putting up a poll to try and figure what you would like to see me posting about on this blog. What a concept! Please vote and feel free to comment as well. Make your opinions known!


Kevin said...

I'm a relatively new reader, I came for the campaign building series, but have enjoyed the other articles too. Maybe you could focus on campaign building and throw things in that interest or inspire you. The Nine things in the pocket got me thinking about what a pickpocket might find when plying the trade. Also, it got me thinking about what adventurers might find a study, bedroom etc, and not just what them were looking for. Others systems may have you think about the system you play. Fudge is a free-form system that allows for heroics for the start, which got me thinking about how to make the PC's more heroic from the start in my game. So to me, it's all good, so I chose not to vote, but comment instead.

Donny said...

It wont let me vote, so I'll do it here :)

More 4E please!

Donny said...
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