Monday, February 02, 2009

Printing to PDF With Character Builder

For those of you that might be interested in printing your character sheets from WotC's 4E Character Builder to PDF, I have had success with CutePDF Writer. It seems to work flawlessly (albeit a little slowly) with my Vista laptop and I am pleased with the output quality. Even better is the fact that it is FREE! Now you can save all those characters you have been generating to a USB stick and print them out at work! (Of course I would never condone such a thing...)


Bonemaster said...

CutePDF is a great option for creating Free PDF provided you understand it's limitations. Once created you are not going to be able to select text from the PDF. If memory serves me, the PDF generated is basically one large image. Still for just simple PDF building there is nothing like it.

fodigg said...

You mention frustration with the WotC character builder, so I figure I'd offer the alternative I use.

I start with a very decent javascript webpage [] for producing the basic output. While using this I am constantly looking up various character options in DDi's Compendium.

This produces a basic output which I then copy over to MSWord. I then do some basic formatting to get it to my liking and copy over power/item text from the compendium that I think I'll need. I do this by pasting to notepad to clear all formatting before pasting into MSWord.

It takes a little more effort, especially compared to the one-stop-shop of the D&D character builder, but I prefer it as I feel I do less page-turning during play.

An example of my character sheet would be Azi's sheet that can be found on the ENWorld thread for the one-shot Games Plus dungeon crawl: