Thursday, January 29, 2009

Character Builder Success - Finally!!

After deleting every file that even sounded like DDI or Wizards of the Coast on my hard drive, I was finally able to get the full version of Character Builder downloaded and installed. However, I am still a little irritated by the whole affair. If it had not been for the kind people that posted their own workarounds on the WotC forums, I might have just quit in disgust.

The whole process was a real pain and I consider myself pretty darn computer savvy. What do you think the 'average' user would have done? I don't think this bodes well for future electronic releases from WotC, but I'll just have to wait and see...


Blotz said...

Oh, I certainly hope no one gets their hopes too high about an electronic release from WotC. Magic the Gathering Online folks are not at all surprised considering the still as yet not fully functional V3.

Rob said...

Interestingly, I had a very different experience. I had no problems with the install, and it even accepted my beta character without complaint.

Just out of curiosity, did you uninstall the Character Builder Beta before installing the full version? I am just trying to figure out if that could be the cause of our very different experiences.