Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Initial Thoughts About the Warden

Wizards of the Coast has put up a preview of the Warden class from the upcoming Player's Handbook 2. As has become the norm with previous previews it covers levels 1-3 of the class progression.  The Warden is a primal defender and sort of reminds me of a barbarian/druid.

The class's list of powers are interesting.  The powers do a good job of representing the 'wrath of nature' aspect of the class.  I couldn't help but chuckle at Nature's Abundance though.  It creates a 'zone of plants' that provides cover.  I can just see the mighty Warden hero summoning forth a patch of sunflowers to hide behind...

Other class powers are a little worrisome though.  Powers like Warden's Grasp, combined with the Warden's ability to mark each adjacent enemy might make bookkeeping tasks a bit of pain for the DM.  I really hope that WotC keeps these sorts of powers to a minimum.  Keeping up with the effects of multiple marks from Multiple PCs on multiple enemies is not my idea of fun.

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