Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Defense of Big Print

One of the criticisms that I read concerning the books coming out for 4th Edition D&D is that the print is 'too big' and that there is 'too much whitespace'. I can agree with those critcicisms if you just consider them from the standpoint of word count for your money. However, I belong to a very specific minority that highly benefits from the design of the new books - the extremely nearsighted.

My vision is very poor. Without glasses or contacts I am effectively blind. So I am actually very pleased that the new 4th Edition books have larger print and plenty of whitespace. It makes them much easier to read for me. I doubt that consideration for the myopic was behind this particular design decision, but I will still happily reap the benefits.


Anonymous said...

Much props. I'm nearly blind at this point, and need such things, and know many other gamers who wished for large print 3.5e books.

Chris Tregenza said...

I absolutely agree with you.

I get eye strain very quickly reading pages of the traditional 10pt superdense text found in most rule books.