Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Mini-Review of Castle Whiterock

In case you didn't know, Goodman Games will discontinue selling their line of 3.5 D&D products TODAY! Most are available in PDF format for only $2, with a couple of the big boxed sets priced at $5. Included in the sale is the megadungeon Castle Whiterock.

I purchased the PDF of Castle Whiterock from DriveThruRPG. It is delivered as four zipped files. The files include the box and index, adventure books, extras and poster maps. The PDFs are bookmarked and either have no background or include a no-background version for easy printing.

Castle Whiterock is a megadungeon in the classic sense. It contains 15 odd levels of dungeon crawling spread over almost 600 pages of content. The dungeon is spread out over four books that are colored red, blue, green and black (a sort of easter egg for the old BECMI players I assume). I was impressed by the amount of detail the authors included. You get information on everything from how the residents of a particular level respond to the adventurers' incursions to using particular sections of the dungeon as separate adventures.

In addition to the dungeon itself, a gazetteer is included that describes the Kingdom of Morrain and the town of Cillamar that players can use as a base while exploring the dungeons of the Castle. On top of this you get a comprehensive index and glossary, a poster map of Cillamar, player handouts and probably some other stuff I have left out.

I was truly astounded by the amount of content included in Castle Whiterock. And while I have only briefly read through the descriptions of the various levels, the quality of the content also appears to be high. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. Check it out today before it's gone!


Geek's Dream Girl said...

My Monday group is playing Castle Whiterock. You can check out my cleric's campaign log on my blog for a character's-eye view of things :)

AnthonyRoberson said...

Hey! i will do it for sure.